A Catalog of Early-type Hα Emission-line Stars and 62 Newly Confirmed Herbig Ae/Be Stars from LAMOST Data Release 7

  title={A Catalog of Early-type H$\alpha$ Emission-line Stars and 62 Newly Confirmed Herbig Ae/Be Stars from LAMOST Data Release 7},
  author={Yunfang Zhang and Wen Hou and A-li Luo and Shuo Li and Li Qin and Yan Lu and Yin-Bi Li and Jian-Jun Chen and Yongheng Zhao},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series},
We derive a catalog of early-type emission-line stars including 30,023 spectra of 25,867 stars from LAMOST Data Release 7, in which 4189 have Simbad records. The spectra are classified into three morphological types (10 subtypes) based on Hα emission-line profiles. Some spectra contaminated by nebula emission lines such as from H ii regions are flagged in the catalog. We also provide a specific catalog of 20 stars with stellar winds or accretion flows by calculating the terminal and peak… 

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