[A Case of Thyroid Carcinoma in Consideration for Perioperative Management].


When patients are on long-term dialysis, various kinds of medication are given. We report our experience with a 75-yearold woman with thyroid carcinoma incidentally discovered during dialysis. Ultrasonography of the thyroid showed a tumor of about 3 cm in the right lobe center. The dialysis performed surgery on the day when we were not dialyzed. Heparinization for anticoagulation was not administered. Adhesion with the circumferential organ was strong, and in the perioperative findings, the thyroid gland showed difficulty in sublation. Because there was a lot of bleeding, we were not able to perform a complete resection. During the postoperative period, the recurrent laryngeal nerve was kept, but laryngeal edema developed, and extubation was performed using steroids in the future. Because various complications were caused by performing the surgery during dialysis, hemorrhaging occurred and the surgery time increased. We cared enough for the perioperative period was realized again.

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