A Case of Fatal Thermal Fever


think, from the history given, that the case was one probably of Uterine Haemorrhage. The question of ruptured womb causing it can at the most, in the absence of further obstetric and gynaecological history, be logically hypothetical. My opinion is based upon the following reasons from the information supplied by the author (1) The age of the woman?that of child bearing life ; (2) gravid condition at the seventh month of utero-gestation ; (3) the fact of pregnancy seems moreover to have been corroborated by a, though sometimes a deceptive, symptom.?" She told a neighbour she had not' felt the child' since the day before," i. e. 10th of June : in other words, Mrs. S. was used to its movements in utero before that day, and its sudden stillness naturally drew, as it ordinarily would, her attention. (4) We have the account.?" On the 10th she

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