A Case Study of Anti-Americanism in English-Speaking Canada: The Election Campaign of 1911

  title={A Case Study of Anti-Americanism in English-Speaking Canada: The Election Campaign of 1911},
  author={William M. Baker},
  journal={The Canadian Historical Review},
  pages={426 - 449}
  • W. M. Baker
  • Published 1 December 1970
  • History, Political Science
  • The Canadian Historical Review
today as it did a century ago. It is one of the solid legs on which that elusive animal, the Canadian identity, stands. Indeed, anti-Americanism is such an important concept in the interpretation of Canadian history that there has long been a need to break it down into its various components. From the Conquest until well into the twentieth century, anti-Americanism in English-speaking Canada had three ingredients: I ) Canadian attitudes towards the United States; a) Canadian sentiments… 
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