A Case Report Focal Fibrous Gingival Hyperplasia

  • Dr . Monica Lamba, Dr . Aditya Sinha, Dr . Jithendra
  • Published 2015


Introduction: Local reactive focal overgrowths are frequently found in the oral cavities. Different types of localized reactive lesions may occur on the gingiva, including focal fibrous hyperplasia, pyogenic granuloma, peripheral giant cell granuloma and peripheral ossifying fibroma (POF). The causative etiology for this lesion can be attributed to the local irritants like plaque, calculus, overhanging margins, trauma, and dental appliances. Case Report: The case presented here is of a 32 years old female patient who reported to the department of periodontics with chief complaint of nodular mass in inner side of left back region of mouth. It was a focal fibrous hyperplasia of gingival which was excised with BP blade no. 15. Follow up lasted for 1 month. Conclusion: After doing phase I therapy in the first visit the nodular mass was excised with BP blade no. 12 and was sent for the biopsy. The reports confirmed it to be focal fibrous hyperplasia of gingival. Follow up was done after 1 month , healing was good with no recurrence.

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