A Cascade of Histone Modifications Induces Chromatin Condensation in Mitosis

  title={A Cascade of Histone Modifications Induces Chromatin Condensation in Mitosis},
  author={Bryan J. Wilkins and Nils A. Rall and Yogesh B Ostwal and Tom Kruitwagen and Kyoko Hiragami-Hamada and Marco Winkler and Yves Barral and Wolfgang Fischle and Heinz Neumann},
Metaphase chromosomes are visible hallmarks of mitosis, yet our understanding of their structure and of the forces shaping them is rudimentary. Phosphorylation of histone H3 serine 10 (H3 S10) by Aurora B kinase is a signature event of mitosis, but its function in chromatin condensation is unclear. Using genetically encoded ultraviolet light-inducible cross-linkers, we monitored protein-protein interactions with spatiotemporal resolution in living yeast to identify the molecular details of the… CONTINUE READING
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