A Card Based Metaphor for Organising Pervasive Educational Experiences


This paper looks at the card metaphor used successfully in the Equator Ambient Wood and Chawton House projects to structure and author content as part of innovative school field trips using wireless and ubiquitous technologies. The framework provided by the metaphor is laid out and observations made as to how it has been used by domain experts in creating educational experiences. The trade-off between formalisation and restricting pedagogy is examined and key benefits that the metaphor provides are given

DOI: 10.1109/PERCOMW.2007.3

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@article{Weal2007ACB, title={A Card Based Metaphor for Organising Pervasive Educational Experiences}, author={Mark J. Weal and Don Cruickshank and Danius T. Michaelides and David E. Millard and David De Roure and Katherine Howland and Geraldine Fitzpatrick}, journal={Fifth Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PerComW'07)}, year={2007}, pages={165-170} }