A Call for Replication Studies

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Does the Median Voter or Special Interests Determine State Highway Expenditures? Recent Evidence
Using cross-sectional data from 50 states of the United States and the District of Columbia for two different time periods, this paper examines the degree to which special interests or the median
fetishisation of excellence
The rhetoric of “excellence” is pervasive across the academy. It is used to refer to research outputs as well as researchers, theory and education, individuals and organizations, from art history to
Excellence R Us: University Research and the Fetishisation of Excellence
The rhetoric of “excellence” is pervasive across the academy. It is used to refer to research outputs as well as researchers, theory and education, individuals and organisations, from art history to
Students’ Grade Expectations and Work Ethic in College: Evidence of the Entitlement Generation
This research has two parts; in the first study, we compared the responses of 235 male-and-female, sophomore, business students enrolled in the first introductory-level accounting course at a
Entrepreneurial behavior of family firms in the Indian community: adoption of a technology platform as a moderator
Purpose This study aims to investigate the generalizability of Daniela Weismeier-Sammer’s (2011) replication study on entrepreneurial behavior and extended the model by considering the adoption of a
How open science can benefit bilingualism research: A lesson in six tales
Bilingualism is hard to define, measure, and study. Sparked by the so-called replication crisis in the social sciences, a recent discussion on the advantages of open science is gaining momentum. Here
Are business and management journals anti-replication? An analysis of editorial policies
Purpose This study aims to explore the degree to which the editorial policies of business and management journals explicitly or implicitly discourage replication studies.
Development of a teacher of mathematics identity (ToMI) scale
A measure of teacher identity specific to teachers of mathematics was developed and assessed, the teacher of mathematics identity (ToMI) scale. A sample of teachers was recruited from a state-based


The Role of Data & Program Code Archives in the Future of Economic Research
This essay examines the role of data and program-code archives in making economic research "replicable." Replication of published results is recognized as an essential part of the scientific method.
Introduction to econometrics 2nd ed
  • New York: MacMillan Publishers.
  • 1992
Reassessing the Social Returns to Equipment Investment
The recent literature on the sources of economic growth has challenged the traditional growth accounting of the Solow model, which assigned a relatively limited role to capital deepening. As part of
The Numerical Reliability of Econometric Software
Both users and developers of econometrics software should first pay attention to accuracy, and only later consider user-friendliness, as well as assessing the accuracy of basic estimation routines, statistical distributions, and random number generators.
Why econometricians don't replicate (although they do reproduce)
This article attempts to give a more formal statement of the model of the problem of replication given in Harry Collins' Changing order, and to apply the model to a recent controversy over the lack
Replication in Empirical Economics: The Journal of Money, Credit and Banking Project
This paper examines the role of replication in empirical economic research. It presents the findings of a two-year study that collected programs and data from authors and attempted to replicate their
On the advantage of using two or more econometric software systems to solve the same problem
This paper illustrates the dangers of relying on just one software system to solve what appears to be a fairly routine probit model. It is shown that quite different results can be obtained using