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The suggestion that the activities of public relations professionals and news agencies help to shape news content in national and local news media is increasingly commonplace among journalists, academics and public relations professionals. The findings from this study provide substantive empirical evidence to support such claims. The study analyses the domestic news content of UK national “quality” newspapers (2207 items in the Guardian, The Times, Independent, Daily Telegraph and the mid… Expand
News agencies, or wire services, are playing a growing role in the contemporary news environment, primarily due to the prevalence of the 24/7 online newsroom and its associated need for speed andExpand
Subsidizing The News?
The relation between organizational press releases and newspaper content has generated considerable attention. Yet longitudinal evidence that can substantiate claims of media’s increased reliance onExpand
Nuclear voices in the news: A comparison of source, news agency and newspaper content about nuclear energy over time
While news media are frequently criticized for their alleged increasing reliance on ‘subsidized content’ provided by sources and news agencies, this claim is seldom empirically verified. Based onExpand
The Silent Partner: News Agencies and 21st Century News
This article investigates the ubiquitous presence of news agencies (or wire services) in the daily news. While considering the international environment, it focuses on the sole Australian newsExpand
Outsourcing the news? An empirical assessment of the role of sources and news agencies in the contemporary news landscape
Journalists are increasingly accused of uncritically recycling subsidized material in the form of press releases and news agency copy. This practice has been labeled churnalism and is believed toExpand
Whose voices are heard in the news? A study of sources in television coverage of the Scottish independence referendum
This article explores the prominence of different types of sources in the coverage of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum on BBC Scotland’s regional news bulletin. It combines the most commonlyExpand
The Agency Makes the (Online) News World go Round: The Impact of News Agency Content on Print and Online News
While it is generally acknowledged that news agencies play a pivotal role in the current news landscape, empirical insights into the extent of news media’s reliance on agency copy are scarce. ThisExpand
Negotiating the News
This article analyses two interactions between journalists and their public relations sources captured on video during ethnographic fieldwork in newsrooms in New Zealand. Through analysis of verbalExpand
News about newspaper advertisers: To what extent can corporate advertising budgets predict editorial uptake and coverage of corporate press releases?
News value theory aims to predict a story’s chance of being selected for publication based on news factors and ascribed news values. News values can also predict the coverage of corporate pressExpand
Newspaper campaigns, publics and politics
This thesis examines the practice of campaigning journalism, where a newspaper seeks political influence and claims to do so on behalf of its readers or a wider public. It is a production and contentExpand


Pulling Newspapers Apart : Analysing Print Journalism
'Pulling newspapers apart: Analysing print journalism' explores contemporary UK national and local newspapers at a significant and pivotal moment in their development when some pundits are busily, ifExpand
Local journalism and local media: making the local news
The local media - local newspapers and radio, regional television, cable television and local news on the internet - represents a diverse and rapidly-changing sector of the British media landscape.Expand
Newszak and News Media
Part 1 Newszak and news media: Newszak and news media - the argument in outline. Part 2 Newszak and journalism: journalism - image and reality the upstairs downstairs profession of journalism. Part 3Expand
Immediacy, Convenience or Engagement? An analysis of 24-hour news channels in the UK
Abstract The article is based on the first systematic analysis of the output of 24-hour news channels in the UK. From a viewer's point of view, we argue, a 24-hour news channel can fulfil three mainExpand
In many ways, public relations is a child of journalism, called into being, shaped by*and responding to* journalism. Whilst in the United Kingdom public relations is proud of its new-found status asExpand
Book Note: Packaging Politics: Political Communications in Britain’s Media Democracy
Part 1 Political communications and packaging politics: packaging politics - an overview of the argument. Part 2 The political communicators: censorship, news management and the lobby new Labour andExpand
Journalists and Politicians: a relationship requiring manoeuvring space
This study attempts to deepen our knowledge of the relationship between journalists and local politicians/officials. The study's primary conclusion is that there is a large degree of interplayExpand
The Spin Doctor's Diary: Inside Number 10 with New Labour
While Lance Price was Alastair Campbell s deputy in the Downing Street Press Office at the end of the 1990s, and then Director of Communications at the Labour Party, he kept an informal journal ofExpand
Beyond Agenda Setting: Information Subsidies and Public Policy
This volume describes the use of mass media and other communication channels by corporations, bureaucrats, politicians and consumer advocates to influence the development and implementation of publicExpand
Rethinking Public Relations: PR Propaganda and Democracy
1. A Great Niagara of PR 2. PR from Top to Bottom 3. A Future with PR 4. PR and Propaganda 5. PR Propaganda in the UK 6. Can PR and Democracy Co-exist? 7. Is PR Damaging Democracy? 8. Ethics, SocialExpand