A CMOS Batcher and banyan chip set for B-ISDN

  title={A CMOS Batcher and banyan chip set for B-ISDN},
  author={W. S. Marcus and J R Hickey},
  journal={1990 37th IEEE International Conference on Solid-State Circuits},
Batcher and banyan chips that are suitable for broadband packet switch applications, simultaneously accommodate 32-bit serial packet channels, and are building blocks for larger networks are discussed. 1.2- mu m CMOS Batcher and banyan chips were tested at bit rates of 170 Mb/s. The chips require a single 5-V supply, dissipate approximately 1.5 W, provide 5.44-Gb/s switching capacity, and are packaged in 84-pin leadless ceramic chip carriers (LCC) for conventional testing. An N-input by an N… CONTINUE READING

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