A Business-Process-Driven Approach for Generating E-Commerce User Interfaces


A business process contains a set of interdependent activities that describe operations provided by an organization. E-commerce applications are designed to automate business processes. A business process specification (i.e., a workflow) is defined by a business analyst from the viewpoint of the endusers. The process encapsulates the knowledge related to the natural work rhythms that a business user would follow when using an e-commerce application. In this paper, we analyze the information embedded in business process specifications, and infer the functional and usability requirements. We use the inferred information in a model-driven approach to automatically generate user interfaces (UIs) from a business process specification through a set of transformations. To improve the usability of UIs for the e-commerce applications, each transformation is guided by usability principles.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-75209-7_18

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