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A Brief Overview on Data Mining Survey

  title={A Brief Overview on Data Mining Survey},
  author={Hemlata Sahu and Shalini Shrma and Seema Gondhalakar},
This paper provides an introduction to the basic concept of data mining. Which gives overview of Data mining is used to extract meaningful information and to develop significant relationships among variables stored in large data set/data warehouse. In the case study reported in this paper, a data mining approach is applied to extract knowledge from a data set. Data mining is the process of discovering potentially useful, interesting, and previously unknown patterns from a large collection of… 
Data Mining Tools and Trends – An Overview
The knowledge discovery process, data mining, various open source tools and improvements in the field of data mining from past to the present and the future trends are discussed.
An Overview of Knowledge Discovery Databaseand Data mining Techniques
An overview of knowledge discovery database and data mining is provided to understand user behavior better, to improve the service provided, and to increase the business opportunities of these techniques.
Parametric Comparisons of Classification Techniques in Data Mining Applications
Comparisons of different Data Mining (DM) Classification techniques for Data Mining applications i.e. in Retail Industry for Marketing Data analysis, Financial Data Analysis, Educational Data analysis as well as for the analysis of Biomedical Data are compared.
This paper compares the accuracy of various educational data mining techniques with their algorithms on weka tool and presents the compared techniques and algorithms together with some experimental data that give rise to the final conclusion.
The various data mining methods that are used to analyze social networks are analyzed, as well as the top priority areas in the field of data mining based on the review of various studies are explored.
Knowledge Discovery in Text Mining using Association Rule Extraction
Using the proposed method of generating Knowledge Discovery in Text mining using Association Rule Extraction the users are able to find accurate and important knowledge from the collection of web documents which will reduce time for reading all those documents.
A Survey on Overview of Clustering Techniques for Data Mining
Four popular researched data clustering techniques are discussed- Hierarchical, Partitioning, Expectation-maximization and soft-computing clustering methods for data mining.
The Development and Research of Data Mining Technology
The origin of data mining is introduced, some different data mining techniques in different fields are discussed, and a conclusion of the application of datamining is made.
An Overview of Data Mining Techniques Agricultural Soil
Data Mining is emerging research field in agriculture soil data analysis. Different data mining approaches are in use, such as Nearest Neighbor, Regression, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines,
A Comparative Study of Clustering Algorithms for Detect SQL Injection Attack
The main aim is to show the comparison between the different clustering algorithms of Waikato environment for knowledge analysis and to find out which algorithm will be most suitable to detect SQL injection attack.


Data Mining Concepts and Techniques
Data mining is the search for new, valuable, and nontrivial information in large volumes of data, a cooperative effort of humans and computers that is possible to put data-mining activities into one of two categories: Predictive data mining, which produces the model of the system described by the given data set, or Descriptive data mining which produces new, nontrivials information based on the available data set.
Data Mining: An Overview from a Database Perspective
This article provides a survey, from a database researcher's point of view, on the data mining techniques developed recently, a classification of the available data mining Techniques, and a comparative study of such techniques is presented.
A Descriptive Framework for the Field of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
The objective of this research is to provide a conceptual framework that identifies major research areas of data mining and knowledge discovery (DMKD) for students and beginners and describe the longitudinal changes of DMKD research activities.
From Data Mining to Knowledge Discovery in Databases
An overview of this emerging field is provided, clarifying how data mining and knowledge discovery in databases are related both to each other and to related fields, such as machine learning, statistics, and databases.
The applied research on data mining in the financial analysis of university with the analysis of college students'arrears as an example
This thesis can monitor the current state of payment dynamically and accurately and predict high-risk owing students to provide the more scientific basis for the management decision of the leadership of colleges and universities.
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