A Brief History of Universities

  title={A Brief History of Universities},
  author={John C. Moore},


: The variant of "Ph.D." (Philosophiae Doctor), called Professional Doctorate, was established as a notion, with genesis in the academic locus, as an asynchronous response of the university, facing a

Institutional Motivations for Conversion from Public Sector Unit to a Social Business: The Case Study of Burgundy School of Business in France

  • A. Ashta
  • Business
    Journal of Risk and Financial Management
  • 2022
Based on a qualitative single case study with eight interviews, this study lays the foundation for literature on the motivation for transforming from a quasi-governmental entity to a social business.

Research agendas and culture: a new approach to analysing the academic profession in Asia and Europe

ABSTRACT This paper investigates the research agendas of academics in Asia and Europe with reference to cultural influences rooted in the two continents. Unlike studies on the influence of culture on

Closing Thoughts: Academic Hazards and Opportunities

Our personal stories demonstrate the hazards of neoliberal governmentality. Substituting the essence of academic activity—teaching and knowledge production—with bureaucratic measurements, apparently

Setting the Scene: Research and Writing Against the Neoliberal Grain

This chapter outlines our collaborative research and writing project which recounts personal stories regarding everyday survival in the neoliberal academia. It begins by depicting the characteristics

Decolonizing knowledge within and beyond the classroom

This introduction to the second installment of a two-part special issue focuses on actors and spaces that facilitate different forms of progress or push-back in decolonizing African Studies. We map

The establishment of the Kharkiv Practical Technological Institute in the context of modernization

The article examines the history of establishment of the Kharkiv Practical Technological Institute in the broad context of modernization processes. The history of the Practical Technological

Transformation of PDF Textbooks into Interactive Educational Resources

The architecture of the system, the design of the client application rendering resulting textbooks and a short validation experiment demonstrating the quality of the transformation workflow are presented.