A Bound for the Diameter of Random Hyperbolic Graphs

  title={A Bound for the Diameter of Random Hyperbolic Graphs},
  author={Marcos A. Kiwi and Dieter Mitsche},
Random hyperbolic graphs were recently introduced by Krioukov et. al. [KPK10] as a model for large networks. Gugelmann, Panagiotou, and Peter [GPP12] then initiated the rigorous study of random hyperbolic graphs using the following model: for α > 1 2 , C ∈ R, n ∈ N, set R = 2 lnn + C and build the graph G = (V,E) with |V | = n as follows: For each v ∈ V , generate i.i.d. polar coordinates (rv, θv) using the joint density function f(r, θ), with θv chosen uniformly from [0, 2π) and rv with… CONTINUE READING

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