A Blockchain-based Renewable Energy Investment Management Platform: Decentralized Sustainable Development (DeSDev)

  title={A Blockchain-based Renewable Energy Investment Management Platform: Decentralized Sustainable Development (DeSDev)},
  author={Warodom Werapun and Tanwa Arpornthip and Esther Sangiamkul and Rattana Wetprasit and Tanakorn Karode},
  journal={Journal of Computer Science},
In this study, a novel blockchain-based platform for renewable energy investment is proposed. The blockchain technology has been shown to be a reliable way to send financial transactions across the world in a decentralized manner, at a fraction of the cost and with a faster transaction time. The proposed platform is capable of handling an equity-sharing investment program for solar PV projects. The platform distributes the electricity generation income by sending it over a blockchain. The… 

Compact Spiral Asymmetric encryption Distributed Ledger –Secured and authentication Mobile Payment System in Higher Institutions

In this study, object oriented software development methodology was used to implement the proposed payment system, which consists of a mobile e-wallet, RESTful API, and blockchain as the core component of the API.

The Flash Loan Attack Analysis (FAA) Framework—A Case Study of the Warp Finance Exploitation

This paper proposes the Flash loan Attack Analysis (FAA) framework, which aids security practitioners in understanding the DeFi system’s effects on preventative methods when various factors change, and can help security professionals in identifying hidden dangers and more efficiently adopting countermeasure strategies.



Demystifying blockchain: A critical analysis of challenges, applications and opportunities

Blockchain-based Global Travel Review Framework

This work illustrates the details of a blockchain-based global travel review framework that is easily integrated with any existing platforms since it can be accessed publicly and relies on a community-driven environment.

A Survey on the Security of Blockchain Systems

Comparative customer economics on different financial options in support the adoption of residential rooftop photovoltaic in Thailand

The Thai Government has supported the use of solar photovoltaic systems for green electricity production toward the self-consumption policy since 2016. A photovoltaic support program with an

Stablecoin as a New Financial Instrument

  • E. Sidorenko
  • Economics
    Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
  • 2019
The author considers the legal and economic nature of stablecoin, the development stages of low-volatility assets, describes the existing models of their implementation in the public and private

Introducing Ethereum and Solidity

The first € price and the £ and $ price are net prices, subject to local VAT, while the €(D) includes 7% for Germany, the €A includes 10% for Austria.

The Denomination Effect

Labeled the "denomination effect," study 1 shows in three field studies that the likelihood of spending is lower when an equivalent sum of money is represented by a single large denomination (e.g.,

The effect of particulate matter on solar photovoltaic power generation over the Republic of Korea

Degradation in air quality could be a potential factor for decreasing solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation. However, our understandings of the potential of airborne particulate matter (PM) to