A Bibliometric Analysis of Corona Pandemic in Social Sciences: A Review of Influential Aspects and Conceptual Structure

  title={A Bibliometric Analysis of Corona Pandemic in Social Sciences: A Review of Influential Aspects and Conceptual Structure},
  author={Adeel Adeel Nasir Nasir and Kamran Kamran Shaukat Shaukat and Ibrahim A. Ibrahim A. Hameed Hameed and Suhuai Suhuai Luo Luo and Talha Mahboob Talha Mahboob Alam Alam and Farhat Farhat Iqbal Iqbal},
  journal={Ieee Access},
  pages={133377 - 133402}
Corona pandemic has affected the whole world, and it is a highly researched area in biological sciences. As the current pandemic has affected countries socially and economically, the purpose of this bibliometric analysis is to provide a holistic review of the corona pandemic in the field of social sciences. This study aims to highlight significant, influential aspects, research streams, and themes. We have reviewed 395 journal articles related to coronavirus in the field of social sciences from… 

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