A Bibliography of Publications in Scientific Programming

  title={A Bibliography of Publications in Scientific Programming},
  author={Frank A Beebe},
Vol97]. abstractions [Hav00b]. accelerator [CIN96]. access [LOHA01, TKS02]. Accessing [TC96]. Achieving [BAN02]. across [GR93]. adaptation [IRSD99]. Adaptive [Shu94, BCC93, BAN02, CW93, EAS97, GRN99, OHS00]. ADIFOR [BCC92]. adjoints [FC01]. agent [CJS02]. agent-based [CJS02]. aided [IJL01]. AIPS [WHG93]. Alan [Ste97]. algebra [ACIK97]. algebraic [DHH00, Hav00a]. Algorithm [JKR92, KHSJ95]. Algorithms [CS94, CW93, GIKP95, GA96, 

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