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A Bibliography of ACM SIGMOD Record

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A Bibliography of Publications of Nelson H. F. Beebe
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Structural matching and discovery in document databases
In SIGMOD 95 demo sessions, a software package, called TreeDiff, for comparing two latex documents and showing their differences is exhibited, which represents the documents as ordered labeled trees and finds an optimal sequence of edit operations to transform one document (tree) to the other. Expand
Querying object-oriented databases
This paper presents a new query language, henceforth referred to as XSQL, that incorporates novelties not found in earlier languages and is easier to use and it has more expressive power than previous languages. Expand
Introduction to constraint databases
This book presents the constraint database model as a powerful extension of the relational model that allows a user or programmer to work easily with infinite data and shows that the constraint model provides an elegant tool for data modeling and querying in application areas such as geographic information systems, spatiotemporal data management, bioinformatics, genome databases and computer vision. Expand
Automata theory for XML researchers
The advent of XML initiated a symbiosis between document research, databases and formal languages that resulted in the development of unranked tree automata, a simple but effective paradigm that found application in several formalisms. Expand
OODB indexing by class-division
This work has developed a technique, called indexing by class-division (CD), which it is believed can be used as a practical alternative to CH and an optimized implementation and experimental validation of CD's average-case performance are presented. Expand
Object-relational database systems (tutorial): principles, products and challenges
This tutorial is to explain what the key features are of object-relational database systems, review what today's products provide, and then look ahead to where these systems are heading. Expand
Research activities in database management and information retrieval at University of Illinois at Chicago
Today, millions of people employ powerful search engines such as Google to retrieve information from the Web on a daily basis. In spite of the success, there are problems associated with suchExpand
Parallel database systems 101
  • J. Gray
  • Computer Science
  • SIGMOD '95
  • 1995
These tests are simpler than the TPC D benchmrwk that tests the query optimizer and the ability to run multiple-concurrent tasks and can be applied to a parallel database system in an hour as a simple sanity check. Expand
Determining relationships among names in heterogeneous databases
An automatic mapping process, an process to recognize potential relationships among different names and a process to expand knowledge in the authors' knowledge base are described so as to facilitate the first two processes. Expand
Database theory: where has it been? where is it going?
Database theory is the application of mathematical techniques to the solution of problems related to ths design, implementation, and use of database mangement systems. It is not a tightly integratedExpand