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A Beginner ‘ s Guide to ICP-MS Part IX — Mass Analyzers : Collision / Reaction Cell Technology

  title={A Beginner ‘ s Guide to ICP-MS Part IX — Mass Analyzers : Collision / Reaction Cell Technology},
  author={Robert J. Thomas}

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Elemental and isotopic analysis by (multiple collector) - inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry in human teeth from the Early Bronze Age excavation site Franzhausen I ( Lower Austria) for the investigation of population dynamics and dietary patterns
Die im Graberfeld Franzhausen I im Unteren Traisental (Niederosterreich) entdeckte Population lebte wahrend der fruhen Bronzezeit (~2300/2200 – 1600 v. Chr.), einer Zeit, in der es zu starken
Análisis elemental directo de muestras clínicas mediante espectrometría de masas con fuente de ionización de plasma acoplado por inducción
El analisis elemental de muestras clinicas presenta grandes dificultades que superar como el bajo volumen de muestra, la baja concentracion de analitos de interes y la compleja matriz de la muestra.
Advances in ICP-MS technology and the application of multi-element geochemistry to exploration
  • J. SaderS. Ryan
  • Geology, Chemistry
    Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis
  • 2019
There have been several advances in inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) analytical technologies in the last decade. Collision/reaction cell ICP-MS and triple quadrupole ICP-MS
Characterization of core-shell oxide nanoparticles
The growing amount of applications of nanoparticles (NP) have led to concern for their possible harmful effect on human health and the leakage in the environment. Characterization and quantification
An investigation into changes to trace metals and metabolic profiling in the diabetic retina
................................................................................................................................ 14 Declaration
Chemical Isolation of Am-240 and the Adsorption of Europium and Americium Using Silica Supported CMPO-Calix[4]arenes
Author(s): May, Erin Marie Gantz | Advisor(s): Arnold, John | Abstract: My dissertation is composed of two projects. The first area of study was the conclusion of a six-year project to determine the
Kinetics of Conversion of Dihydroxyacetone to Methylglyoxal in Honey
iv Model systems (sugar and water) were used to control the reactions occurring during storage; DHA and individual perturbants were added to the artificial honey to isolate the effect of the
A contribution to the development of sensitive and isotope-selective analytical methods based on sector-field ICP-MS : for supporting the development of Gen IV nuclear reactors
Ondanks zijn bijzonder omstreden reputatie, zeker in de nasleep van de kernramp bij Fukushima, voorziet nucleaire energie momenteel nog in een groot deel van de globale elektriciteitsbehoefte.
Elementspurenbestimmung in Solarsilicium
Element impurities can affect the efficiency of solar cells already on the trace level. The knowledge of the impurities in Si is thus crucial for the product and production control of new solar cell