A Bayesian analysis of the minimum AIC procedure

  title={A Bayesian analysis of the minimum AIC procedure},
  author={Hirotugu Akaike},
  journal={Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics},
  • H. Akaike
  • Published 1978
  • Business
  • Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics
SummaryBy using a simple example a minimax type optimality of the minimum AIC procedure for the selection of models is demonstrated. 
Model selection in time series analysis: using information criteria as an alternative to hypothesis testing
It is found that the minimization of an information criterion can work well for model selection in a time series environment, often performing better than hypothesis-testing strategies.
Simulation-based assessment of model selection criteria during the application of benchmark dose method to quantal response data
The results indicate that using MA-3 is the recommended option whenever applicable for model exclusion and selection, and model averaging over the three models with the lowest three AIC values (MA-3) did not produce the worst performance.
Typological Grouping Based on Decomposition of Probability Distributions Mixtures
A critical comparative analysis of existing methods and algorithms for decomposition of mixtures of probability distributions, identifies the possibilities and limitations of their application for the analysis of real populations.
Fuzzy Evaluation of Pharmacokinetic Models
The proposed software robot is a fuzzy expert system that provides a method to systematically perform evaluations on a set of candidate PopPK models of commonly used statistical criteria and strengthens the hypothesis that the software robot can be successfully used to evaluate Pop PK models ensuring the selection of the best PopPK model.
Comparison of spectral models for disc truncation in the hard state of GX 339–4
We probe models of disc truncation in the hard spectral state of an outburst of the well-known X-ray transient GX 339--4. We test a large number of different models of disc reflection and its
Broadband X-ray analysis of 1E 1740.7−2942: constraints on spin, inclination, and a tentative black hole mass
1E 1740.7-2942 is one of the strongest hard X-ray emitters in the Galactic Centre region, believed to be a black hole in a high-mass X-ray binary system. Although extensively studied in X-rays, many
Global patterns in above-ground net primary production and precipitation-use efficiency in grasslands
The above-ground net primary production (ANPP) and the precipitation-use efficiency (PUE) regulate the carbon and water cycles in grassland ecosystems, but the relationships among the ANPP, PUE and
Effects of age and size on spawning and egg production in gag and scamp grouper off the southeastern United States
Investigating the age- and size-dependence of female spawning fraction, duration, and frequency in two economically valuable species, gag and scamp, in Atlantic waters off the southeastern United States found the estimate of TEP based on age-dependent SF was lower for gag and 41% lower for scamp than the estimate based on Age-independent SF; therefore, the AI method overestimates stock productivity.