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A Bayesian Approach for Color Constancy based Visual Servoing

  title={A Bayesian Approach for Color Constancy based Visual Servoing},
  author={Geert De Cubber and Sid Ahmed Berrabah and Hichem Sahli},

Self-localization of a Team of Mobile Robots by Means of Common Colored Targets

In this paper, it is explained how one robot, the leader, with a pan-tilt-zoom camera mounted on it can localize a team of robots.

Illumination invariant interest point detection for vision based recognition tasks

New interest point detectors that achieve stable interest point detection under illumination changes, like changes or movements of the light source, even for complex 3D scene geometry are developed in this work.

Vision-based mobile robot formation control

Related work concerning the vision-based control of nonholonomic robots, control of robot formations and use of zoom for metrology and control in robotics has been analyzed. A summary concerning

Towards a reliable vision-based mobile robot formation control

  • P. RenaudE. CerveraP. Martinet
  • Engineering
    2004 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37566)
  • 2004
A robot formation control strategy based on a vision-based follow-the-leader scenario is proposed, with emphasize on its reliability, with extensive experimental results presented.