A Banach Space which Admits No Chaotic Operator

  title={A Banach Space which Admits No Chaotic Operator},
  author={Jos{\'e} Bonet and F{\'e}lix Mart{\'i}nez-Gim{\'e}nez and Alfredo Peris},
  journal={Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society},
The dual of a reflexive separable hereditarily indecomposable complex Banach space of Gowers and Maurey admits no chaotic continuous linear operator in the sense of Devaney defined on it. 

On the existence of chaotic and hypercyclic semigroups on Banach spaces

We prove that every separable infinite dimensional complex Banach space admits a hypercyclic uniformly continuous semigroup. We also prove that there exist Banach spaces admitting no chaotic strongly

Semigroups of chaotic operators

We prove the existence of chaotic semigroups of operators that do not contain any chaotic operator. In particular, we obtain a chaotic operator T such that λ T is not chaotic for some unimodular

Linear Chaos on Fréchet Spaces

This is a survey on recent results about hypercyclicity and chaos of continuous linear operators between complete metrizable locally convex spaces. The emphasis is put on certain contributions from

Chaotic Polynomials on Sequence and Function Spaces

We study chaos in the sense of Devaney for two models of polynomials (homogeneous and non-homogeneous) of arbitrary degree, defined on certain sequence spaces. Consequences are also obtained for the

Frequent hypercyclicity, chaos, and unconditional Schauder decompositions

We prove that if X is any complex separable infinite-dimensional Banach space with an unconditional Schauder decomposition, X supports an operator T which is chaotic and frequently hypercyclic. In

Chaotic extensions of operators on Hilbert subspaces

If M is a closed subspace of a separable, infinite dimensional Hilbert space H with dim (H/M) = ∞, we show that every bounded linear operator A: M → M can be extended to a chaotic operator T: H → H

Approximation by chaotic operators and by conjugate classes


Abstract Every infinite dimensional separable non-normable Frechet space admits a continuous hypercyclic operator. A large class of separable countable inductive limits of Banach spaces with the same

Existence of Hypercyclic Operators on Topological Vector Spaces

The present paper introduces a very simple, but very useful notion of the so called quasi-extension ofl1-operators and proves that a large class of topological vector spaces admit continuous

Operators with dense, invariant, cyclic vector manifolds

On Devaney's definition of chaos

Chaotic dynamical systems have received a great deal of attention in recent years (see for instance [2], [3]). Although there has been no universally accepted mathematical definition of chaos, the


Part II. Specific Universal Families and Hypercyclic Operators 3. The real analysis setting 3a. Universal power and Taylor series 3b. Universal primitives 3c. Universal orthogonal series 3d.

The unconditional basic sequence problem

We construct a Banach space that does not contain any infinite un- conditional basic sequence and investigate further properties of this space. For example, it has no subspace that can be written as

Hypercyclic weighted shifts

An operator T acting on a Hilbert space is hypercyclic if, for some vector x in the space, the orbit {Tnx: n > 0} is dense. In this paper we characterize hypercyclic weighted shifts in terms of their

Introduction to Chaotic Dynamical Systems

This thesis develops some of the current definitions of chaos and discusses several quantitative measures of chaos, and serves as a complement to the work done by Philip Beaver, which details chaotic dynamics for discrete systems.


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Chaotic backward shift operators

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