A B-cell coactivator of octamer-binding transcription factors

  title={A B-cell coactivator of octamer-binding transcription factors},
  author={Matthias Gstaiger and Lea Knoepfel and Oleg G. Georgiev and Walter Schaffner and Christopher M. Hovens},
THE octamer motif (ATGCAAAT) paradoxically plays a central role in mediating the activity of both B-cell specific and ubiquitous promoters. It has been widely assumed that the predominantly lymphoid-restricted octamer-binding factor Oct-2 mediates tissue-specific promoter activity, whereas the ubiquitously expressed Oct-1 mediates general promoter activity, but this view has been challenged1–6. Here we use a modified yeast one-hybrid assay to isolate a B-cell factor, Bobl, which associates with… CONTINUE READING

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