A A Subunits Induce Functional Haploinsufficiency and

  title={A A Subunits Induce Functional Haploinsufficiency and},
  author={Wen Tao Chen and Jason D David Arroyo and Jamie C. Timmons and Richard L. Possemato and William C. Hahn},
The introduction of SV40 small t antigen or the suppression of PP2A B56; subunit expression contributes to the experimental transformation of human cells. To investigate the role of cancer-associated PP2A AA subunit mutants in transformation, we introduced several PP2A AA mutants into immortalized but nontumorigenic human cells. These PP2A AA mutants exhibited defects in binding to other PP2A subunits and impaired phosphatase activity. Although overexpression of these mutants failed to render… CONTINUE READING