A 64×8 Pixel 3-D CMOS Time Of Flight Image Sensor for Car Safety Applications

  title={A 64×8 Pixel 3-D CMOS Time Of Flight Image Sensor for Car Safety Applications},
  author={O. Elkhalili and O. Schrey and W. Ulfig and W. Brockherde and B. Hosticka and P. Mengel and L. Listl},
  journal={2006 Proceedings of the 32nd European Solid-State Circuits Conference},
For car safety applications a 64times8 pixel 3D CMOS image sensor based on the time-of-flight principle (TOF) has been developed and successfully tested. The illumination source used is a pulse modulated (PM) class 1 laser operating at 910nm wavelength. The sensor employs the so called "multiple double short time integration (MDSI)", which compensates for sensor as well as scene nonidealities, like reflectance variations, and it suppresses the effects of background illumination. An optimised… Expand
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