A 6.5 kV IGBT module with very high safe operating area

  title={A 6.5 kV IGBT module with very high safe operating area},
  author={Arnost Kopta and Munaf Rahimo and U. Schlabach and Daniel Schneider and Eric Carroll and Stefan Linder},
  journal={Fourtieth IAS Annual Meeting. Conference Record of the 2005 Industry Applications Conference, 2005.},
  pages={794-798 Vol. 2}
A new 6.5 kV IGBT module is presented. This module, using high voltage soft-punch-through technology exhibits an exceptionally high reverse bias safe operating area and withstands dynamic avalanche up to its rated voltage. This capability allows the module to be operated with a gate resistance 10 times lower than present generations of 6.5 kV modules of the same nominal rating, allowing fast turn-off and hence reduced turn-off losses. The chip technology is briefly described and detailed test… CONTINUE READING
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