A 433 MHz 64 b quad issue RISC microprocessor

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  • Published 8 February 1996
  • Computer Science
  • 1996 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference. Digest of TEchnical Papers, ISSCC
This 9.6 M transistor quad-issue RISC microprocessor achieves greater than 500 SPECint92 (estimated) at 433 MHz. The die measures 14.5/spl times/14.4 mm/sup 2/ fabricated in a 0.35 /spl mu/m CMOS process. The chip uses split-power supplies; the core operates at 2.0 V and the external interface at 3.3 V. The chip dissipates less than 25 W. 
A 160 MHz 32 b 0.5 W CMOS RISC microprocessor
  • J. Montanaro, R. Witek, +16 authors S. Thierauf
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    1996 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference. Digest of TEchnical Papers, ISSCC
  • 1996
This custom VLSI implementation of a microprocessor architecture delivers 184 Drystone/MIPS at 162 MHz dissipating 0.5 W using an 1.5 V internal supply and Clock generation uses an on-chip PLL with 3.68 MHz input clock to minimize high frequency clock signals on the board.
A 400 MHz S/390 microprocessor
  • C. Webb, C. Anderson, +18 authors C. Price
  • Engineering
    1997 IEEE International Solids-State Circuits Conference. Digest of Technical Papers
  • 1997
A microprocessor implementing IBM S/390 architecture operates in a system at up to 400 MHz (2.5 ns). The microprocessor, initially in IBM CMOS5X technology, migrated to CMOS6S by shrinking the FET
Circuit implementation of a 600 MHz superscalar RISC microprocessor
  • M. Matson, D. Bailey, +7 authors K. Wilcox
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings International Conference on Computer Design. VLSI in Computers and Processors (Cat. No.98CB36273)
  • 1998
Innovative logic and circuit design created a chip that attains 30+ SpecInt95 and 50+ SpecFP95, and supports a secondary cache bandwidth of 6.4 GB/s, and relies heavily on full custom design and layout to meet speed and area goals.
A 600 MHz superscalar RISC microprocessor with out-of-order execution
  • B. Gieseke, R. Allmon, +18 authors K. Wilcox
  • Computer Science
    1997 IEEE International Solids-State Circuits Conference. Digest of Technical Papers
  • 1997
A six-issue, four-fetch, out-of-order execution, 6OOMHz Alpha microprocessor achieves an estimated 40SpecInt95, 60SpecFP95 and 1800MB/s on McCalpin Stream. The 16.7x18.8mm2 die contains 15.2M
Analog Circuit Design Methodology in a Low Power RISC Microprocessor
There are various kinds of analog CMOS circuits in microprocessors. IOs, clock distribution circuits including PLL, memories are the main analog circuits. The circuit techniques to achieve low power
A 0.25 /spl mu/m 600 MHz 1.5 V SOI 64 b ALPHA/sup TM/ microprocessor
More and faster transistors with less power and lower voltage create many opportunities. As a microprocessor technology advances beyond sub-quarter micron, the performance benefits from scaling down
A 550 Mhz Alpha Microprocessor Targeted At PC Applications
The design objectives of the 21164PC were to achieve leadership performance on a die size of less than 1.5cm2 and to realize low system cost and to facilitate in bringing Alpha's performance to the midrange desktop PC market.
High Speed Processor-Memory Interfaces
High performance I/O interface design is becoming a very important research area within VLSI. Increases in microprocessor clock frequencies have dramatically outpaced increases in I/O bandwidth,
1.38 cm/sup 2/ 550 MHz microprocessor with multimedia extensions
  • A.K. Jain, R. Preston, +15 authors V. Yalala
  • Computer Science
    1997 IEEE International Solids-State Circuits Conference. Digest of Technical Papers
  • 1997
This multi-media enhanced, quad-issue, 550MHz RISC microprocessor includes hardware for MPEG-II encode/decode and Extensions to the instruction set for motion video estimation provide an order of magnitude improvement in computational capability, enabling video teleconferencing at 30 frame/s.
Multimedia extensions for a 550-MHz RISC microprocessor
The MVI instruction set, coupled with the high performance of the 550-MHz processor, delivers 30 frames/s digital video disk (DVD) playback with stereo-quality audio, enables video teleconferencing at 30 frames /s, and significantly improves the performance of MPEG encode algorithms.


A 300-MHz 64-b quad-issue CMOS RISC microprocessor
This 300 MHz quad-issue custom VLSI implementation of the Alpha architecture delivers 1200 MIPS, 600 MFLOPS, 341 SPECint92, and 512 SPECfp92 and is packaged in a 499-pin ceramic IPGA.
Superscalar instruction execution in the 21164 Alpha microprocessor
The 21164 is a new quad-issue, superscalar Alpha microprocessor that executes 1.2 billion instructions per second and the design's high clock rate, low operational latency, and high-throughput/nonblocking memory systems contribute to this performance.
Internal Organization of the Alpha 21164, a 300-MHz 64-bit Quad-issue CMOS RISC Microprocessor
A new CMOS microprocessor, the Alpha 21164, reaches 1,200 mips/600 MFLOPS (peak performance). This new implementation of the Alpha architecture achieves SPECint92/SPECfp92 performance of 345/505
A 200-MHz 64-bit Dual-Issue CMOS Microprocessor
A RISC (reduced-instruction-set computer)-style microprocessor operating up to 200 MHz, implements a 64-b architecture that provides huge linear address space without bottlenecks that would impede
A 300MHz 64b Quad-Issue CMOS Microprocessor,
  • ISSCC Digest of Technical Papers,
  • 1995