A 40 dB peak gain, wideband, low noise intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier

  title={A 40 dB peak gain, wideband, low noise intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier},
  author={Ruibing Dong and Shinsuke Hara and Kosuke Katayama and Kyoya Takano and Issei Watanabe and Norihiko Sekine and Akifumi Kasamatsu and Takeshi Yoshida and Shuhei Amakawa and Minoru Fujishima},
  journal={2017 IEEE Asia Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC)},
  • Ruibing Dong, Shinsuke Hara, +7 authors Minoru Fujishima
  • Published in
    IEEE Asia Pacific Microwave…
  • Engineering
  • An intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier is proposed, which is wideband, high gain, and low noise. It is supposed to be applied to 300 GHz wireless systems. It consists of one stage of common gate (CG) and three stages of common source (CS). The input impedance of CG stage is analyzed to get wide band matching. And capacitor cross-coupled (CCC) feedback is employed to increase the gain of CS stage. The IF amplifier has 40 dB peak gain at 17.5 GHz, and the 3 dB bandwidth of 9.5 GHz from 10.5–20… CONTINUE READING

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