A 4-year longitudinal study on risk factors for alcoholism.

  title={A 4-year longitudinal study on risk factors for alcoholism.},
  author={Andrew T. A. Cheng and S F Gau and Tony H. H. Chen and Jung-Chen Chang and Yuh-Terng Chang},
  journal={Archives of general psychiatry},
  volume={61 2},
BACKGROUND Longitudinal studies are needed to resolve inconsistencies in previous findings regarding antecedents of alcoholism. OBJECTIVE To investigate genetic and environmental risk factors for alcoholism. DESIGN A 4-year longitudinal cohort study. SETTING General community. PARTICIPANTS A population-based cohort was randomly selected from 4 aboriginal groups in Taiwan. Cohort subjects free from any alcohol use disorder at phase 1 (n=499) were reassessed approximately 4 years later… CONTINUE READING