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A 3GHz Low-offset Fully Dynamic Latched Comparator for High-Speed and Low-Power ADCs

  title={A 3GHz Low-offset Fully Dynamic Latched Comparator for High-Speed and Low-Power ADCs},
  author={Shaik Mastan Vali and P. Rajesh},
In this paper, performances of various types of dynamic latched comparators are compared in terms of their offset voltages, speed and power. The accuracy of comparators, which is defined by its offset, along with power consumption, speed is of keen interest in achieving overall higher performance of ADCs. This can be achieved by the fully dynamic latched comparator which is proposed in this paper. This comparator shows 14.6mV offset which is small when compared to other dynamic comparators and… 

A 10GHZ Low-Offset Dynamic Comparator for High-Speed and Lower-Power ADCS

This paper proposed a design of low-voltage Dynamic Comparator using 90 nm PTM CMOS technology for high-speed and Lower-power Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) applications and shows 5.7 mV offset, small when compared to other dynamic comparators and preamplifier based comparators.

A High Speed and Low Voltage Dynamic Comparator for ADCs

Abstract — A new dynamic comparator is proposed and it is compared with two existing comparators in terms of voltage, delay and frequency. CMOS dynamic comparator which has dual input, dual output

Design And Analysis Of Low Power And High Speed Double Tail Comparator

A new double tail parallel latch load comparator are compared in term of voltage,power,delay and offset voltage.CMOS dynamic comparator which has dual input, dual output inverter stage suitable for

Analysis and Design of a New Modified Double-Tail Comparator for High Speed ADC Applications: A Review

This paper provides a comprehensive review about a variety of comparator designs - in terms of performance, power and delay using Cadence Virtuoso CMOS 180-nm technology.

Analysis and Design of a New Modified Double-Tail Comparator For High Speed ADC Applications

One of the most important analog circuits required in many analog integrated circuits is comparator. It is used for the comparison between two same or different electrical signals. The Comparator

Low Power Comparator Design -A Review

Comparator architecture their design parameter, study about offset voltage and sources of power and their estimation and reduction technique are discussed and help the practising engineers/ beginners to know what are the significant parameters to design low power dynamic latched comparator and its use in various applications.

Implementation of a 200 MSps 12-bit SAR ADC

Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with high conversion frequency, often based on pipelined architectures, are used for measuring instruments, wireless communication and video applications.

6-Bit Charge Scaling DAC and SAR ADC

In this work, 1.1V, 6-bit charge scaling DAC using split array is designed and simulated, and Successive approximation register (SAR) ADC is designed using the binary weighted capacitor array as its DAC for charge redistribution purpose.



A low-noise self-calibrating dynamic comparator for high-speed ADCs

This paper presents a low offset voltage, low noise dynamic latched comparator using a self-calibrating technique. The new calibration technique does not require any amplifiers for the offset voltage

CMOS dynamic comparators for pipeline A/D converters

Three different CMOS dynamic comparator topologies for pipeline A/D converters, resistive divider, differential pair, and charge distribution comparators, are analyzed. The topologies considered are

Yield and speed optimization of a latch-type voltage sense amplifier

A quantitative yield analysis of a latch-type voltage sense amplifier with a high-impedance differential input stage is presented. It investigates the impact of supply voltage, input DC level,

Kickback noise reduction techniques for CMOS latched comparators

This brief reviews existing solutions to minimize the kickback noise and proposes two new ones and HSPICE simulations of comparators implemented in a 0.18-/spl mu/m technology demonstrate their effectiveness.

An Analysis of Latch Comparator Offset Due to Load Capacitor Mismatch

This brief analyzes the effect of load capacitor mismatch on the offset of a regenerative latch comparator and indicates that in a typical 0.18-mum CMOS latch, a capacitive imbalance of only 1 fF can lead to offsets of several tens of millivolts.

A Double-Tail Latch-Type Voltage Sense Amplifier with 18ps Setup+Hold Time

A latch-type voltage sense amplifier in 90nm CMOS is designed with a separated input and cross-coupled stage. This separation enables fast operation over a wide common-mode and supply voltage range.

Low-power high-speed low-offset fully dynamic CMOS latched comparator

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