A 3D Printed Membrane-Based Gas Microflow Regulator for On-Chip Cell Culture

  title={A 3D Printed Membrane-Based Gas Microflow Regulator for On-Chip Cell Culture},
  author={A. Podwin and R. Walczak and J. Dziuban},
  journal={Applied Sciences},
A miniature 3D printed membrane-based gas microflow regulator which delivers gaseous media to on-chip cell cultures is presented in this paper. The device uses a polydimethylosiloxane (PDMS) membrane to act as a diffusion barrier and maintain gas flow at the desired rate. The regulator was characterized, and repeatable flow values for different membrane thicknesses and gas types in the function of pressure were obtained. As a result, a long-term on-chip culture of Euglena gracilis was achieved… Expand
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