A 3347-locus genetic recombination map of sequence-tagged sites reveals features of genome organization, transmission and evolution of cotton (Gossypium).

  title={A 3347-locus genetic recombination map of sequence-tagged sites reveals features of genome organization, transmission and evolution of cotton (Gossypium).},
  author={Junkang Rong and Colette A. Abbey and John E. Bowers and Curt L. Brubaker and Charlene Chang and Peng W. Chee and Terrye Aigeldinger Delmonte and Xiaoling Ding and Juan J Garza and Barry S. Marler and Chan-hwa Park and Graham J. Pierce and Katy Martin Rainey and Vipin K. Rastogi and Stefan R. Schulze and Norma L. Trolinder and Jonathan F Wendel and Thea A. Wilkins and T Dawn Williams-Coplin and Rod A. Wing and Robert Joseph Wright and Xinping Zhao and Linghua Zhu and Andrew H. Paterson},
  volume={166 1},
We report genetic maps for diploid (D) and tetraploid (AtDt) Gossypium genomes composed of sequence-tagged sites (STS) that foster structural, functional, and evolutionary genomic studies. The maps include, respectively, 2584 loci at 1.72-cM ( approximately 600 kb) intervals based on 2007 probes (AtDt) and 763 loci at 1.96-cM ( approximately 500 kb) intervals detected by 662 probes (D). Both diploid and tetraploid cottons exhibit negative crossover interference; i.e., double recombinants are… CONTINUE READING


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