A 3-dimensional interdigitated electrode geometry for the enhancement of charge collection efficiency in diamond detectors

  title={A 3-dimensional interdigitated electrode geometry for the enhancement of charge collection efficiency in diamond detectors},
  author={Jacopo Forneris and A. Lo Giudice and Paolo Olivero and Federico Picollo and Alessandro Re and Marco Marinelli and Fulvio Pompili and Claudio Verona and G. Verona Rinati and Massimiliano Benetti and Domenico Cannat{\`a} and Fabio Di Pietrantonio},
  journal={Europhysics Letters},
In this work, a single crystal CVD diamond film with a novel three-dimensional (3D) interdigitated electrode geometry has been fabricated with the reactive ion etching (RIE) technique in order to increase the charge collection efficiency (CCE) with respect to that obtained by standard superficial electrodes. The geometrical arrangement of the electric field lines due to the 3D patterning of the electrodes results in a shorter travel path for the excess charge carriers, thus contributing to a… 

Realization of deep 3D metal electrodes in diamond radiation detectors

A fabrication technique to create 3D diamond detectors is presented. Deep reactive ion etching was used to create an array of through-diamond vias (TDVs) in a 2 × 2 × 0.15 mm3 electronic grade single

Fabrication of three dimensional diamond ultraviolet photodetector through down-top method

Three dimensional diamond ultraviolet (UV) photodetector have been fabricated on diamond epitaxial layer through down-top approach, where diamond epitaxial layer was grown between metal electrodes. A

Fabrication and characterization of a co-planar detector in diamond for low energy single ion implantation

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Effect of depth of Buried-In Tungsten Electrodes on Single Crystal Diamond Photodetector

The performance of new type three dimensional buried-in electrode structure ultraviolet photodetector fabricated on single crystal diamond epitaxial layer was investigated. The epitaxial layer was

Comparison of single crystal diamond TOF detectors in planar and transverse configuration

Single crystal diamond detectors are widely employed in laser-induced plasma experiments to retrieve information about particles generated from the interaction. In particular, diamonds are used as

Time-of-flight methodologies with large-area diamond detectors for ion characterization in laser-driven experiments

Abstract The time-of-flight technique coupled with semiconductor detectors is a powerful instrument to provide real-time characterization of ions accelerated because of laser–matter interactions.

Quantum-optical characterization of single-photon emitters created by MeV proton irradiation of HPHT diamond nanocrystals

  • E. MorevaP. Traina J. Forneris
  • Physics, Materials Science
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
  • 2018

Photovoltaic Three-Dimensional Diamond UV Photodetector With Low Dark Current and Fast Response Speed Fabricated by Bottom-Up Method

Fabrication of a low-dark-current and high-response-speed three-dimensional diamond UV photodetector using the bottom-up method is demonstrated. The photovoltaic detector exhibits typical rectifier

Measurement and modelling of anomalous polarity pulses in a multi-electrode diamond detector

In multi-electrode detectors, the motion of excess carriers generated by ionizing radiation induces charge pulses at the electrodes, whose intensities and polarities depend on the geometrical,

Influence of the metallic contact in extreme-ultraviolet and soft x-ray diamond based Schottky photodiodes

X-ray and UV photovoltaic Schottky photodiodes based on single crystal diamond were recently developed at Rome “Tor Vergata” University laboratories. In this work, different rectifying metallic

Large deep-ultraviolet photocurrent in metal-semiconductor-metal structures fabricated on as-grown boron-doped diamond

Metal-semiconductor-metal planar devices have been fabricated on as-grown boron-doped homoepitaxial diamond thin films. They consist of two Schottky barriers connected back to back. The metal

Single Schottky-barrier photodiode with interdigitated-finger geometry: Application to diamond

The authors propose a single Schottky-barrier photodiode (SPD) with interdigitated Ohmic and Schottky contacts. A homoepitaxial diamond layer with low boron concentration has been utilized as an

CVD diamond for electronic devices and sensors

Series Preface. Preface. List of Contributors. Basic Properties, Defects and Impurities, Surface properties and Synthesis. 1 Basic Properties of Diamond: Phonon Spectra, Thermal Properties, Band

Fission diamond detectors for fast-neutron ToF spectroscopy

A novel type of fast-neutron (energy En>1 MeV) counter is presented. It is made of a fissionable natural-uranium foil faced to an intrinsic single-crystal diamond that detects the neutron-induced

Optical properties of diamond

1 Refraction.- 2 Reflection and Transmission.- 3 Vibronic Absorption.- 4 Scattering.- 5 Optical Electronic Transitions.- 6 Coloration of Diamond.- 7 Physical Classification of Diamond.- 8 Interaction

The Properties of Diamond

CVD Diamond for Electronic Devices and Sensors