A 2erms− Temporal Noise CMOS Image Sensor With In-Pixel 1/f Noise Reduction and Conversion Gain Modulation for Low Light Imaging

  title={A 2erms− Temporal Noise CMOS Image Sensor With In-Pixel 1/f Noise Reduction and Conversion Gain Modulation for Low Light Imaging},
  author={N. Priyadarshini and Mahadev Sarkar},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers},
This work presents a low noise active pixel sensor. It uses one additional transistor compared to standard 4T pixel to obtain 1/f noise reduction and high conversion gain. 1/f noise is reduced by periodically switching the in-pixel source follower between depletion and inversion. The depletion state is achieved by re-configuring the source follower into a MOS capacitor and depleting the channel by controlling the source-drain terminal. The state change of the in-pixel source follower also… Expand


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