A 2.6-GHz/5.2-GHz Frequency Synthesizer in 0.4- m CMOS Technology

  title={A 2.6-GHz/5.2-GHz Frequency Synthesizer in 0.4- m CMOS Technology},
  author={Christopher Lam and Behzad Razavi}
This paper describes the design of a CMOS frequency synthesizer targeting wireless local-area network applications in the 5-GHz range. Based on an integerarchitecture, the synthesizer produces a 5.2-GHz output as well as the quadrature phases of a 2.6-GHz carrier. Fabricated in a 0.4m digital CMOS technology, the circuit provides a channel spacing of 23.5 MHz at 5.2 GHz while exhibiting a phase noise of 115 dBc/Hz at 2.6 GHz and 100 dBc/Hz at 5.2 GHz (both at 10-MHz offset). The reference… CONTINUE READING
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