A 2^{n/6.15}-Time Algorithm For X3sat

  title={A 2^\{n/6.15\}-Time Algorithm For X3sat},
  author={Edward A. Hirsch and Alexander S. KULIKOVSti},
A 2n=6:15-TIME ALGORITHM FOR X3SAT Edward A. HIRSCH1 Alexander S. KULIKOV Sti.Petersburg Department of St.Petersburg State University Steklov Institute of Mathemati s Department of Mathemati s and Me hani s 27 Fontanka, 191011, St. Petersburg St.Petersburg Russia Russia E-mail: hirs h pdmi.ras.ru E-mail: ask AK8436.spb.edu June 28, 2002 Abstra t The exa t 3-satis ability problem (X3SAT) is: given a Boolean formula in 3-CNF, nd a truth assignment, su h that exa tly one literal in ea h lause is… CONTINUE READING