A 1H-NMR study of the casein phosphopeptide alpha s1-casein(59-79).

  title={A 1H-NMR study of the casein phosphopeptide alpha s1-casein(59-79).},
  author={Noorjahan Laila Huq and Keith J Cross and Eric C Reynolds},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1247 2},
Complete sequence-specific resonance assignments have been determined for a calcium phosphate sequestering, phosphoseryl-containing, tryptic peptide alpha s1-casein(59-79) containing the phosphorylated motif -SSSEE-. Spectra have been recorded in the presence of excess Ca2+ and at three different values of sample pH to characterize the changes in peptide conformation as calcium binds to the phosphorylated residues. The secondary structure of the peptide was characterized by sequential (i,i + 1… CONTINUE READING

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