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A 164 GHz hetero-integrated source in InP-on-BiCMOS technology

  title={A 164 GHz hetero-integrated source in InP-on-BiCMOS technology},
  author={Troy Jensen and Thualfiqar Al-Sawaf and Marco Lisker and Srdjan Glisic and Mohamed Elkhouly and Th. Kr{\"a}mer and Ina Ostermay and C. Meliani and Bernd Tillack and Viktor Krozer and Wolfgang Heinrich},
  journal={2013 European Microwave Integrated Circuit Conference},
  • Troy Jensen, Thualfiqar Al-Sawaf, +8 authors Wolfgang Heinrich
  • Published in
    European Microwave Integrated…
  • Materials Science
  • A 164 GHz source in a hetero-integrated semiconductor technology is presented. It features a fundamental frequency voltage-controlled oscillator in BiCMOS, which is used to drive a doubler-amplifer chain in transferred-substrate InP-HBT technology, integrated on top of the BiCMOS wafer in a wafer-level Benzocyclobutene based bonding process. The VCO operates at 82 GHz with an output power of approximately 8 dBm. The combined circuit delivers 0 dBm at 164 GHz. Measured output power agrees well… CONTINUE READING

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