A 16$\, \times $16 Pixel Distance Sensor With In-Pixel Circuitry That Tolerates 150 klx of Ambient Light

  title={A 16\$\, \times \$16 Pixel Distance Sensor With In-Pixel Circuitry That Tolerates 150 klx of Ambient Light},
  author={Gerald Zach and Milos Davidovic and Horst Zimmermann},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits},
A time-of-flight depth sensor is presented employing a correlation based concept. The pixels are able to suppress contributions of ambient light up to 150 klx autonomously and directly in the electronic circuits consuming only 2 μA, each. All 16 × 16 pixels capture the depth information simultaneously at maximally 16 frames per second using an external A/D converter (ADC). Additionally, an embedded 12-bit ADC can be used for converting the analog output values of the pixels to the digital… CONTINUE READING
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