A 14-month-old boy with cardiomegaly and heart failure

  title={A 14-month-old boy with cardiomegaly and heart failure},
  author={G. Junga and J. P. Bourquin and Manuela Albisetti and Margrit Suzanne Fasnacht and Thomas J. Neuhaus and Thomas Pfammatter and Urs Bauersfeld},
  journal={European Journal of Pediatrics},
A 14-month-old boy was admitted because of cardiomegaly. He had been in good health until 4 months earlier, when he began to sweat and cough during drinking. A chest Xray done by the practitioner 21 days before admission because of bronchitis showed cardiomegaly (Fig. 1.). The immediate admission was delayed due to logistic reasons. Physical examination… CONTINUE READING