A 13-level inverter with D-STATCOM capability for distributed energy systems


This paper presents a single phase multilevel inverter with D-STATCOM capability. The proposed inverter is located in between the source and distributed energy systems which increase the number of levels in inverter to improve the performance of system. The designed inverter armed with distributed static synchronous compensator to control the power factor of system and will reduce the use of extra capacitors and flexible Ac transmission system (FACTS) devices to control power factor of the distribution systems. There are various energy sources which use renewable energy like wind energy, solar energy, biomass etc. This proposed system is used to regulate active and reactive power at desire level. Concerning good power quality, minimum total harmonic distortion is one of the most important requirements from multilevel inverter. This paper presents the minimum total harmonic distortion in 13-level inverter with D-STATCOM capability and also keeping the constant power factor. The result gives for all possible solutions and FFT analysis, switching strategy, computational time has been analysed in MATLAB simulation environment.

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