A 128-bit Block Cipher Based on Three Group Arithmetics

  title={A 128-bit Block Cipher Based on Three Group Arithmetics},
  author={Shenghui Su and Shuwang L{\"u}},
  journal={IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive},
Enlightened by the IDEA block cipher, the authors put forward the REESSE3+ block cipher (a symmetric key cryptosystem) based on three group arithmetics: addition modulo 2 (bit XOR), addition modulo 2 ^ 16, and multiplication modulo 2 ^ 16 + 1. Different from IDEA, REESSE3+ uses 128-bit block inputs, a 256-bit key, and a renovative round function. The authors describe the REESSE3+ cipher algorithm in the graph, and expound the encryption subkeys, encryption operation, decryption subkeys, and… CONTINUE READING