A 1 V low-power low-noise DTMOS based class AB opamp

  title={A 1 V low-power low-noise DTMOS based class AB opamp},
  author={H. F. Achigui and C. Fayomi and Mohammad Sawan},
  journal={The 3rd International IEEE-NEWCAS Conference, 2005.},
In this paper, the authors described a novel class AB opamp based on dynamic threshold voltage transistors (DTMOS) for low voltage (1-V), low power and low noise applications. The opamp is used to build the front-end receiver part of a near infrared spectroreflectometry (NIRS) device. The opamp has a two-stage configuration; DTMOS pseudo pMOS differential input pairs are used for input common-mode range enhancement, followed by a single ended class AB output. Experimental measurements from… CONTINUE READING


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