A 1-Mb resolution radiation hybrid map of the canine genome.

  title={A 1-Mb resolution radiation hybrid map of the canine genome.},
  author={Richard S. Guyon and Travis D. Lorentzen and Christophe Hitte and Lisa Kim and Edouard Cadieu and Heidi G Parker and Pascale Quignon and Jennifer K. Lowe and Corinne Renier and Boris Gelfenbeyn and Françoise Vignaux and Hawkins B DeFrance and Stephanie Gloux and Gregory G Mahairas and Catherine Andr{\'e} and Francis Galibert and Elaine A Ostrander},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={100 9},
The purebred dog population consists of >300 partially inbred genetic isolates or breeds. Restriction of gene flow between breeds, together with strong selection for traits, has led to the establishment of a unique resource for dissecting the genetic basis of simple and complex mammalian traits. Toward this end, we present a comprehensive radiation hybrid map of the canine genome composed of 3,270 markers including 1,596 microsatellite-based markers, 900 cloned gene sequences and ESTs, 668… CONTINUE READING
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