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A 0.6-V 82-dB 28.6- W Continuous-Time

  title={A 0.6-V 82-dB 28.6- W Continuous-Time},
  author={J. Zhang and Y. Lian and Libin Yao and Bo Shi},
  • J. Zhang, Y. Lian, +1 author Bo Shi
  • Published 2011
  • Engineering
  • The design of a low-voltage low-power fourth-order single-bit continuous-time Delta-Sigma modulator is presented in this paper for audio applications. The modulator employs an input-feedforward topology in order to reduce internal signal swings, thus relaxes the linearity and slew rate requirements on amplifiers leading to low-voltage operation and low-power consumption. The energy efficiency is further improved by em- bedding the summation of feedforward paths into the quantizer. For low… CONTINUE READING
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