A (Qualified) Defense of Liberal Feminism

  title={A (Qualified) Defense of Liberal Feminism},
  author={Susan Wendell},
  pages={65 - 93}
Liberal feminism is not committed to a number of philosophical positions for which it is frequently criticized, including abstract individualism, certain individualistic approaches to morality and society, valuing the mental/rational over the physical/emotional, and the traditional liberal way of drawing the line between the public and the private. Moreover, liberal feminism's clearest political commitments, including equality of opportunity, are important to women's liberation and not… 
Empowering Women: Self, Autonomy, and Responsibility
iberal feminism is under attack from socialist, radical, and t essentialist feminists, who argue that liberal feminism cannot advance the feminist cause &dquo;save in a very limited sense&dquo;
Unity and Diversity in Feminist Legal Theory
Feminist legal theory has undergone some significant changes over the past thirty years. This article provides an introductory overview of feminist legal theory, from liberal and radical feminism
Feminism and Liberalism Reconsidered: The Case of Catharine MacKinnon
Much of contemporary feminist theory presents itself as radically opposed to liberalism. Certain claims made by Catharine MacKinnon have contributed significantly to this view. In this article,
The Feminist Critique of Reason Revisited
In this essay I distinguish four different modes of feminist critique of reason. Discussing the work of authors such as Keller, Irigaray, and Butler, I point out that the issue of masculine
What ever happened to liberal feminism? : a discussion of the contribution of libral feminism to international relations theory
International relations, as a theoretical and practical subfield of political science, has recently been the subject of much criticism due to the apparent hostility of the dominant realist paradigm
All happy families are not alike : a feminist Aristotelian perspective on the good family
In this thesis, the claim that a flourishing family life should be characterised as a social practice, according to Alasdair MacIntyre’s definition of a practice, is defended. Furthermore, it is
Femininity is not inferiority: women-led civil society organizations and “countering violent extremism” in Nigeria
ABSTRACT The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, and the Millennium Development Goals, brought the inclusion of women in the security agenda into the
Feminist Thought: Implications for Consumer Research
This article applies three distinct feminist perspectives to critique scientific objectivity, and the problematic, theories, methods of data collection, and methods of data analysis in consumer
A Call to Praxis: Using Gendered Organizational Theory to Center Radical Hope in Schools
While organizational theory is a helpful analytical framework for educational leadership, it has a key depth problem—the absence of feminist voices.  Some scholars have responded to this problem by
A Feminist Discourse on Surrogacy: Reproductive Rights and Justice Approach
Feminists have upheld the inclusion of reproductive rights such as using medical technologies for abortion, contraception and safe childbirth and these efforts need to be celebrated (ICPD Programme


The Subjection of Women
Since Old Testament days discrimination against minorities and other groups has been the rule in history rather than the exception. Chief among these repressive attitudes has been the inferior social
On "Of Woman Born"
The notion that it would be enough to conquer civil rights and become equal to men-a notion dear to the emancipationists and to the revolutionaries of yesterday and today-has been swept away by the
Individualism and the Objects of Psychology
Much philosophical discussion has been devoted to questions about what sort of existence to attribute to the objects1 of psychology. Recent focus on scientific realism as a way of answering
The later letters of John Stuart Mill 1849-1873
The Earlier Letters of John Stuart Mill, published in two volumes in 1963, were well received by critics and scholars alike. The publication of these four volumes of later letters completes this
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The subjection of women today
The Family and the Market: A Study of Ideology and Legal Reform