A ‘New’ Kell Blood-Group Phenotype

  title={A ‘New’ Kell Blood-Group Phenotype},
  author={B. Chown and M. Lewis and Kiroko Kaita},
  • B. Chown, M. Lewis, Kiroko Kaita
  • Published 1957
  • Medicine
  • Nature
  • DURING the past year or more, Dr. Fred H. Allen, jun.1,2, of the Blood Grouping Laboratory, Boston, has opened up the Kell blood-group system through the discovery of two antibodies additional to anti-K and anti-k, called anti-Kpa and anti-Kpb, which unquestionably define antigens in the Kell system. The former, he tells us, reacts with about two per cent of random bloods, while the latter reacted with all but 2 of 5,500. All bloods tested reacted with at least anti-K or anti-k and one of the… CONTINUE READING
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