A <ce:sup loc=pre>1</ce:sup>H-MRS investigation of the medial temporal lobe in antipsychotic-naïve and early-treated first episode psychosis

  title={A <ce:sup loc=pre>1</ce:sup>H-MRS investigation of the medial temporal lobe in antipsychotic-na{\"i}ve and early-treated first episode psychosis},
  author={Stephen J. Wood and Gregor Emanuel Berger and R. Mark Wellard and Tina M Proffitt and Mirabel McConchie and Dennis Velakoulis and Patrick D. McGorry and Christos Pantelis},
  journal={Schizophrenia Research},
Schizophrenia is associated with significant brain abnormalities, including changes in brain metabolites as measured by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). What remains unclear is the extent to which these changes are a consequence of the emergence of psychotic disorders or the result of treatment with antipsychotic medication. We assessed 34 patients with first episode psychosis (15 antipsychotic naïve) and 19 age- and gender-matched controls using short-echo MRS in the medial… CONTINUE READING


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