95 GHz gyrotron with ferroelectric cathode.

  title={95 GHz gyrotron with ferroelectric cathode.},
  author={Moshe Einat and Moritz Pilossof and Roey Ben-Moshe and Haim Hirshbein and D. Borodin},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={109 18},
Ferroelectric cathodes were reported as a feasible electron source for microwave tubes. However, due to the surface plasma emission characterizing this cathode, operation of millimeter wave tubes based on it remains questionable. Nevertheless, the interest in compact high power sources of millimeter waves and specifically 95 GHz is continually growing. In this experiment, a ferroelectric cathode is used as an electron source for a gyrotron with the output frequency extended up to 95 GHz. Power… CONTINUE READING

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