90th Annual Convention Poster Presentations and Abstracts

  title={90th Annual Convention Poster Presentations and Abstracts},
  author={C. N. Ellis and D. J. Coyle and H. Boggs and G. W. Slagle and P. A. Cole and S. Kuramoto and O. Ihara and T. Oohara and J. Nichols and F. Opelka and J. B. Gathright and J. B. Green and J. B. Poulard and A. Ott and S. Bank and I. Margolis and A. Meagher and M. Stuart and J. Heine and D. Rothenberger and F. Nemer and C. E. Christenson and R. Saad and J. Church and V. Fazio and I. Lavery and J. Oakley and J. Milsom and T. Schroeder and L. P{\aa}hlman and G. Frykholm and B. Glimelius and H. Kashtan and M. Papa and B. Wilson and H. Stern and R. Zelnick and P. Haas and M. Ajlouni and T. Fox and E. Szilagy and B. J. Cummings and J. Fleshman and Z. Dreznick and R. Fry and I. Kodner and R. E. Perry and J. Pemberton and W. L. Litchy and A. Ferrara and K. E. Levin and R. Hanson and R. L. Cali and G. Blatchford and A. Thorson and M. Christenson and R. Pitsch and L. L. Jensen and A. C. Lowry and M. R. B. Keighley and M. Oya and J. Oritz and M. Pinho and J. Asperer and G. Chattaphaday and C. Baeten and J. Konsten and F. Spaans and P. Soeters and A. Habets and W. R. Schouten and J. G. H. Ruseler van Embden and J. Auwerda and P. Sagar and P. Goodwin and P. Holdsworth and D. Johnston and C. A. Bundy and D. M. Jacobs and M. Bubrick and H. Kashiwagi and F. Konishi and K. Kanazawa and D. Woodland and T. Saclarides and M. Bapna and Y. Kubota and K. Sunouchi and M. Ono and T. Muto and T. Masaki and K. Suzuki and M. Adachi and W. D. Wong and S. Goldberg and S. Wexner and N. Daniel and D. Jagelman and J. Christiansen and O. Rasmussen and B. Zhu and J. G. Williams. and J. Schottler and S. Heyman and F. Marchetti and A. Timmcke and T. Hicks and J. E. Ray and M. A. Bernstein and R. Madoff and P. Caushaj and R. Zarbo and C. K. Ma and H. Shida and T. Yamamoto and T. Machida and T. Imanari and J. Y. Wang and Y. T. You and R. Tang and J. Chen and C. R. Changchien and K. Sugihara and K. Hojo and Y. Moriya and H. Hasegawa and B. Krueger and W. Warren and L. Faber and M. Abel and Y. Chiu and T. R. Russell and P. Volpe and R. C. Frazee and J. Roberts and S. Symmonds and S. Snyder and J. Hendricks and R. Smith and N. Merchant and H. Hashmi and T. Scalea and R. Whelan and W. Longo and B. J. Gusberg and G. H. Ballantyne and T. Davidson and T. Allen-Mersh and B. Gazzard and A. Miles and C. Wastell and M. Viponde and A. Stotter and R. F. Miller and N. Fieldman and W. Slack and J. Tjandra and P. Savoca and J. T. Flannery and I. M. Modlin and K. Tsukada and K. Tazawa and E. Lavery and G. Voeller and G. Bunch and L. Britt and J. A. R. Neto and F. Quilici and F. Cordeiro and J. A. Reis and J. W{\'o}jcik and S. R. Banerjee and D. L. Walters and D. Cherry and R. Bleday and J. P. Pena and J. G. Buls and R. Pascual and G. Tripodi and A. Padmanabhan and W. R. Schouter and J. D. Blankensteijn and S. Moenning and P. Huber and C. Simonton and C. Odom and E. Kaplan and S. Nightengale and P. Shah and H. F. Hashami and P. Kottmeier and F. Velcek and D. Klotz and M. Sher and J. Bauer and I. Gelernt and D. Launer and A. Gerber and J. Nogueras and C. Finne and N. Sohn and M. A. Weinstein and R. Lugo and M. Eisenberg and J. Tsao and S. Galandiuk and W. B. Tuckson and S. Strong and J. Oakey and W. Ambroze and R. Dozois and H. A. Carpenter and A. Kartheuser and N. LaRusso and R. Wiesner and D. Ilstrup and C. Schleck and R. Beart and B. Wolff and K. Kelly and R. Devine and S. Nivatvongs and P. Metzger and S. Phillips and A. R. Zinmeister and M. Pezim and P. Vignati and J. Cohen and T. Stahl and P. Roberts and D. Schoetz and J. Murray and J. Coller and M. Veidenheimer and Y. Yamazaki and M. B. Ribeiro and D. Sachar and T. Heimann and A. Aufses and A. Greenstein and S. Stryker and D. Green and R. McLeod and Z. Cohen and J. Cullen and G. R. Greenberg and C. S. Ho and R. Reznick and J. Cangemi and P. Carryer and K. N. Jeejeebhoy and R. MacCarty and L. Weilland and A. J. Senagore and J. Mackeigan and J. Guillem and D. Ondrula and M. Prasad and R. L. Nelson and H. Abcarian and R. J. Coughlin and M. Corman and E. D. Prager and D. I. Borison and A. Bloom and T. Pritchard and E. McGannon and M. Sivak and R. Stolk and S. Hull-Boiner and J. W. Milson and M. Sullivan and G. O. Rosato and J. M. Jorge and P. Durdey and M. Kennedy and M. Oster and W. Cirocco and L. Rusin and A. C. Brown and J. Reilly and P. Cataldo and M. Luchtefeld and W. Mazier and A. Wolkomir and F. Ruiz-Moreno and R. Alvarado-Cerna and U. Rodr{\'i}guez and J. Amaro and B. Kerner and G. Oliver and T. Eisenstat and R. J. Rubin and E. Salvati and J. M. Dominguez and J. Coon and R. S. Weinstein and M. Kameyama and I. Fukuda and S. Imaoka and T. Iwanga and S. Kyzer and B. Mitmaker and P. H. Gordon and E. Wang and R. Grace and P. Gibbons and K. Scott and A. Berger and H. Mischinger and K. Arian-Schad and M. Davis and D. Miller and L. Fielding and L. B{\'e}gin and A. M. Bell and A. Shafik and K. Abdel-Moneim and A. Khalid and L. J. Melton and S. S. Ngoi and J. Chia and P. Goh and E. Sim and P. Godwin and P. Quirke and R. C. Barrett and W. A. Koltun and D. Loehner and G. Chattopadhyay and D. Kumar and K. Hosie and W. Kmiot and A. Mostaf and N. Tulley and I. Harding and R. Falcone and S. Wanamaker and S. Santanello and L. Carey and D. E. Rivera and P. Durdley and P. T. Gross and J. Sarles and A. Arnaud and I. Sielezneff and P. Orsoni and A. Joly and B. Limberg and V. Stolfi and H. Asbun and H. Castellanos and J. Asb{\'u}n and E. Franko and R. Ivatury and D. Schwalb and A. Dziki and M. Duncan and J. Harmon and N. Saini and R. Malthaner and M. T. Fernicola and F. Hakki and K. Trad and R. M. Ugarte and P. Ryan and H. R. Chang and B. Chavoshan and G. Barsoum and R. Bonardi and A. Scaramelo and A. Possebon and C. P{\'e}r{\`e}s and C. R{\"o}hrig and A. Kappas and J. Ortiz and H. Fan and P. Lechner and P. Lind and H. Cesnik and K. S. Venkatesh and D. M. Larson and D. Morrison and P. Ramanujam and M. Rubbini and F. Mascoli and C. Mari and V. Bresadola and I. Donini},
  journal={Diseases of the Colon & Rectum},
  • C. N. Ellis, D. J. Coyle, +406 authors I. Donini
  • Published 1991
  • Medicine
  • Diseases of the Colon & Rectum
  • Abstracts appear in the order of presentation. Their number corresponds to the title listed in the scientific program.s appear in the order of presentation. Their number corresponds to the title listed in the scientific program. Clinical Significance of Diminutive Polyps of the Rectosigmoid (1) C.N. Ellis, D. J. Coyle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Birmingham, AL H. W. Boggs, G. W. Slagle, P. A. Cole .. Shreveport, LA Diminutive colon polyps are a common finding during examination of the… CONTINUE READING
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